Athol Tufnell, Director Athol Tufnell Studios
“I met Claire Pasquill for an advisory session after she was recommended to me by other business associates. I found her to be professional, focused and astute with a warm and supportive approach. I was surprised to find at the end of our session that a number of issues that I had been struggling with for some time had been resolved. Claire is a very clear communicator and I came out of the session with a clear and solid plan for the future direction of my businesses. I would not hesitate to recommend her services. Worth every penny!”

Natasha Bevington, Managing Director of Stewart & Green
“Claire was able to offer an insightful look at my business from a professional “outsiders” point of view. She tackled the aspects that I needed advice on with a calm, measured approach and created a situation where I could look at my challenges from a new angle. Where I felt I was lacking in a larger area of experience, she divided the issues into smaller components that then felt much easier to deal with. Claire will not only give you an honest appraisal of your business challenges, but is also genuinely interested in people and has a great sense of humour. She is great at spotting new opportunities and offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all aspects of running a small business.”

Amy Dowding, Director of ADH Creative
“I wasn’t sure what to expect from mentoring. Part of me was concerned it would give me extra work, but by the end of my first session I was a convert. Working with Claire has actually made things a lot clearer and easier. She really gets business – she saw things in mine that I’d never really thought about and gave me plenty of things to consider and work on. She also helped me see where I was wasting my energy before, so I have time to consider the important things properly now and take my business forward as I want to.”

Robin Green, Director of Designingreen
“Claire was a breath of fresh air when I approached her to help me plan the next 3 years of my business. Working for yourself has so many positives – yet you lack the ability to subjectively step away and assess how far you have come and where you want to go. I wasn’t necessarily looking for the magic formula, just those testing questions that need to be answered. The tasks she set allowed me to assess what I really wanted from the future without drastically altering my business model. I found the experience invaluable – and would recommend any small business owner, in any field to undertake the process.”

Sarah Kay, Managing Director of Mask Event Design & Production
“I have always found Claire to be a very calming influence and all our meetings to be very useful. She has the ability to look at a situation, assess what needs to be done and advise on how to go about it. Just as importantly, she has a great ability to ensure that you come to the solution on your own, through guidance and support. Claire understands how situations affect you from a personal point of view and how to resolve this and remove levels of stress. She has set me up with a very good grounding to feel confident in my abilities within the business and know how to tackle situations in the future.”