My services

I believe mentoring should feel effortless, be affordable and work around your unique needs. So I offer a number of different services in Brighton, Sussex & London, all of which see us work together to ignite your goals and passions through your business.

I am happy to meet with potential clients for a free first session so I can fully understand your problems &  challenges and make an honest assessment of whether I can help.  This session is fully confidential and the aim is to see if I’m the right kind of mentor for you.

1. The Big Dig 

  • 1.5 hour session to kickstart the mentoring process
  • In-depth analysis across the business, from finances & accounts to sales & marketing
  • Unearth where you are and map out where you want to be
  • Great if you’ve been running a business for over 6 months and want to take it to the next level
  • All one-to-one mentoring starts with a Big Dig

2. One-to-one mentoring 

  • My core service – in-depth mentoring to help your business flourish
  • Can be based at your office or premises
  • Detailed analysis of your company reports, performance and strategy
  • Ongoing support gives you space to reflect, analyse and move forward with a clear plan
  • Suitable for all types of business

3.  Grow

  •  A sparky 6-session mentoring course where we work together to create a stable platform for your business
  • After starting out with a consultation to clearly establish the owner’s needs, I adapt the sessions accordingly.
  • Typically, we’d work together through the following monthly sessions:

Session 1: A Big Dig

A  1.5hr session to kick-start the mentoring process with an in-depth analysis across the business. This is how we’ll unearth where you are. From finances & accounts to sales & marketing, we’ll discuss your personal goals and analyse your financial data on turnover, profit & loss to get a really clear idea of the current state of your business.

Session 2: Goals

Now to work out where you want to be. I use business analysis tools to assess what’s currently desirable and possible for your event business. We’ll reflect on your personal values and look to how we can infuse these into your business alongside financial & growth goals.

Session 3: Sales

We’ll go through your current new business process, define your target market and work out how best to connect to them. We’ll drill deep into your ideal client: who they are, what they want and how you can align your new business process to make it an easy decision for them to choose you.

 Session 4: Marketing

Marketing is the tool to create more opportunities for sales and make sure your ideal clients find you. In this session we’ll analyse what you’ve done so far to decide what works and what doesn’t. Using our data on your ideal client, we will create a strategy that connects you to the very people you want to be talking to.

Session 5: Operations & costs

An in-depth look at your operations – processes; procurement; team performance; delegation opportunities – will uncover ways to cut costs and improve efficiency.

Session 6: Writing the strategy

We wrap things up by reviewing all of the insights we’ve made and creating a plan to be used as a blueprint for growth.

Sessions take place once a month for 6 months. It all starts with a free consultation, where we can work out the right cost for the size and nature of your business.

4 . Delivering the strategy

  • For those who need help delivering the ideas we generate together
  • I can offer business development and sales
  • Create events for your business and invite your target market
  • Write your business plan &  create budgets
  • Produce & deliver your marketing strategy
  • Promote your business via traditional & social networks

Call me on 07983 106274 for an informal chat about your business, your goals and how we can work together to achieve them.