About Me

My Experience as a business mentor

I’ve been running small businesses since 1998, and have led teams and mentored individuals for well over a decade. As managing director of a London events company, I turned an ailing business into a thriving one. Then I moved to Lewes, near Brighton in East Sussex and set up Kindling to offer expert business mentoring to businesses around the region.

The Kindling ethos
Owning a business is as much a personal challenge as a professional one. The stress of day-to-day running; the pressure to keep moving forward; daunting choices; growing to-do lists. It can all get a little overwhelming. That’s why Kindling focuses on two key objectives:

Mentoring for your business. Coaching for you.

For your business, I provide clear-headed analysis and insightful strategies that are easy to implement and quick to bear fruit. For you, I offer compassionate support that makes you feel fired up about your business and positive in your plans.